I'm very grateful to the many sweet couples who took the time to write about their impressions of me and my photography. Thank you for your sweet thank-you notes and heartfelt testimonials.  --Paul



Herdis and Allen:
          The great thing about Paul as a wedding photographer is that you can feel how much he loves his work. It is not just a job he is doing … and it definitively is not just one of many weddings; like we got the impression of many other photographers where it seems like just another production. Paul turns your day into not only your special day but also his and he is able to bring out the uniqueness of yours.
          We had our ceremony on a beautiful, tranquil beach and we hardly remember him being there, like he was invisible. For our more posed shots it was amazing what an eye he had for detail and how much he was able to make use of our surroundings. It almost seemed like he managed to direct some doves flying at the right moment as we were kissing. We had a blast posing and the way he captured the sunset and the rising moon of our special day was just amazing!
          Paul didn’t miss a thing, in fact there were many moments that seemed to have gone by unnoticed that he was able to capture for us! Looking at those pictures now brings back so many vivid memories! His shots are more than just a picture, they tell so much with what he was able to capture …no video could bring it back with that much expression!
          Paul, thank you so much for the great work you have done!


Andrea and Ryan:

The greatest thing that I can pass along - which meant a great deal to me and speaks volumes about Paul's professionalism on the job - is every single one of my family and guests remarked fondly about Paul and his manner - and many still ask about him to this day! In the short space of time that he interacted with our group, he became more of a friend than a vendor - and it shows in the comfort and ease on the faces of our guests in the photos.


                                                                                                                                            Cindy and Bill:

Paul is a wonderful choice for a wedding photographer.  He is dedicated, with no limit on his hours - he was there with us from when we were getting ready to our last dance!  His background as a photojournalist really shines through - his ability to capture moments and emotions as your day unfolds is amazing.   He is a very gifted photographer, and a pleasure to work with as well (no huge ego like other wedding photographers I have met).   I would recommend Paul to anyone who wants to capture the real moments of their day!                                                    



Hollie and Jordan:

Simply, Paul is a terrific photographer and a joy to work with.  He shot both our engagement and wedding day- the results reflected our fun personalities and the love and laughter shared during our wedding day.  The photos taken by Paul will be cherished for the rest of our lives. 



 Jamie and Jessica:

We hired Paul to photograph our wedding last year. Not only is he a talented photographer, he is also very professional and personable. I had seen examples of Paul's work prior to meeting him, and immediately appreciated his ability to capture a person. When my husband and I met with Paul, we instantly felt very comfortable around him and knew that he was someone we would enjoy spending our entire wedding day with. We both hate having our picture taken, so Paul gave us "practice runs" to become a little more comfortable with him and being in front of the camera. On our actual wedding day we had so much fun with Paul, we laughed and smiled the whole time. I can honestly say that Paul exceeded all of our expectations as a photographer and the pictures turned out so beautifully


Angela and Janak: 

Mr. Miller produced first-rate work with artistic flare, professionalism, and a genuinely caring heart.  He maintained a humble, low-key presence at our wedding, and in so doing, he really captured the details of the day.  Everyone who sees the photos comments on how beautiful the photography is; those who were there tell us that they feel transported back to the day.  Mr. Miller's pricing is fair and no-nonsense, with no hidden fees.  You get everything and more than what you would hope for.  We have already passed his name to friends, and recommend him and his work with the highest of ratings to anyone!                                                    


Lucy and Zach:

Paul Miller was the best vendor of my whole wedding.  He did not nickel and dime as I found with other photography studios with their detailed "packages".  Paul came to photograph my wedding for the whole day and did not charge by the hour.  Paul was down to earth and had a simple contract and gave a set rate that we were both very clear on. He gave a reasonable rate which was significantly below the other photographers in SF. He arrived early and stayed late, which I appreciated very much. I paid extra to have a second photographer and found his assistant to be great. I was very pleased with the quality of the photographs that he took and the care that he placed in framing us in beautiful poses and scenery.  He was happy to include my puppy in the photos and worked well with everyone in my bridal party.  I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone!